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Month: March 2021


If you are not sure what system your business needs but know exactly what challenges are holding you back, ERP Experts can help. the question a business must ask itself is less "Can this software increase my business' productivity?" and more "Which ERP software will best increase my business' productivity."
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Guide to Bookkeeping & General Ledgers

Many businesses in Africa record their transactions using online accounting software. But, traditionally, bookkeeping was done with a pen and paper, using either the single or double entry bookkeeping system. With this system, every entry must ‘balance’ with an entry made in a different account
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Take Control of your cashflow

Managing money in and out of your business is a vital skill. In fact, according to a survey by Entrepreneur, 82% of failed businesses close because of cash flow problems. By taking control of when to pay invoices and when you receive money means you can turn your cash flow around and build a sustainable business.
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