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Work on your ERP software (Sage Evolution, Palladium Accounting, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP) from anywhere as you would at the office using a simple internet connection, EvolutionAnywhere gives you the freedom of working from home or while travelling so you can be equally productive anywhere without the frustration of downtime.
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Sage 200 Evolution Point Of Sale(POS System)

Sage 200 Evolution’s modern POS system is an addon module that is a powerful and secure retail solution suitable for small and medium sized retail businesses. It is easy to setup for your Retail Point of Service (POS) terminals for easy payment processing. It is also a cost-effective retail POS system & rated as one of the top point of sale systems.
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Bring Dynamics 365 into the flow of work with Teams

In the pre-COVID world, collaboration was largely synchronous—with team members working on a problem at the same time, either in person or in a virtual meeting. But today, collaboration must be asynchronous as well. In addition to the ability to meet live on video, employees also need the ability to share customer records, service cases, or workflows with any expert in the organization, in the flow of their work in Dynamics 365—and enable that expert to add value from anywhere, at any time
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Microsoft 365(Office 365) Tips & Tricks

You use a lot of different tools to run your business. You have one for talking with employees, schedules, meetings, sharing documents, and another for keeping track of assignments. Running a business is a complex production. Switching to Microsoft Office 365 could save you from needing so many different types of software, and it could save you money as well. 
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Speed up business transformation with Microsoft (Office)365

Microsoft 365 is designed for the way that businesses work today with remote and on-site teams, simultaneous collaboration across multiple projects and time zones, and people working from all types of different devices. Microsoft 365 helps with all these challenges, providing an integrated solution that combines the productivity of Office applications with advanced security and device management capabilities.
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Not ready for accounting and payroll software?

The global pandemic has caused you to watch every penny when it comes to running your business and you are wise to. Careful cost management can keep your business lean, agile, and resilient through difficult periods. so we’ve put together a list of the common pitfalls to watch out for when managing these functions manually.
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