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No Servers – No Network Cables – No Hassles – No RDP is required

Work on your ERP software (Sage Evolution, Palladium Accounting, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP) from anywhere as you would at the office using a simple internet connection, EvolutionAnywhere gives you the freedom of working from home or while travelling so you can be equally productive anywhere without the frustration of downtime.

Our solution allows you to remotely harness the full functionality of your ERP software, either on-premise or in the cloud. This Microsoft SQL server solution allows your ERP software on any workstations to remotely connect in a seamless manner to a SQL server database through any internet connection.

  • Maybe you are not ready to move your entire systems into the cloud
  • Maybe you are not ready to purchase an expensive server and the costs that come with maintenance
  • Get freedom of working from home or while traveling so you can be equally productive anywhere
  • Connect multiple branches to the same database without using Remote terminal type software

    How it works :

1.       We install Evolution Anywhere on your client machines and setup the SSL connection link

2.       We then take a backup of your company/companies and restore them onto a secure Azure SQL server

3.       We edit the existing Sage companies on your client machines to point to the online database and its work as normal

Benefits of a Hybrid Cloud Solution:

1.       A centralised databases allows for branch computing to be in one database and eliminates the need for synchronisation links that take forever

2.       Secure Socket Layer connection between client pc and Azure SQL Server provides enhanced security

3.       Centralised updates

4.       Lower administration costs

5.       Reliable backups and most importantly real time processing to the databases where ever it may be required.

6.       Evolution Anywhere does not use Microsoft Terminal Services or Citrix and your Sage Evolution 200 runs on the local client PC as normal. This means there is no frustrations of remote printing, importing or exporting of data and no RDP monitoring required.

Cost involved:

Monthly Payments(Annual Commitment)  
SQL Cloud Server Hosting (Unlimited Companies) R1,250.00
Evolution Anywhere License per user client machine R350.00
Once off Database Migration, Evolution Anywhere SQL Server setup & All Client pc setup Dependent on Setup

Every business needs a system – and a partner – that can eliminate supply chain obstacles today, and tomorrow. ERP experts will assist your business to automate supply chain processes, improve productivity, stay ahead of problems before they happen.

Contact our team to discuss the ERP software solutions that might be right for your business or call us on +27 11 568 7795 / [email protected] or arrange for us to call you back.

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