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What is SAGE Business Intelligence (BI) Reporting

Sage Business Intelligence is a simple, innovative and flexible Excel-based financial reporting software tool for small, medium and large enterprises (SME’s). The Sage Business Intelligence Reporting dynamically links to Microsoft Excel – and as long as the information is stored in an accessible database, you can access sales, financials, inventory and purchasing reporting.

is SAGE Business Intelligence (BI) Reporting for you

Do you spend more time digging through spreadsheets and gathering data than you do analyzing and improving your business? Do you often discover critical operational issues after it’s too late to take action? Do you spend WAY too much time putting month end reports together ?If you answered YES to any of these questions, you need to take a closer look at SAGE Business Intelligence Reporting.

This reporting solution also gives you meaningful insights into your business information, on the go. Available in the cloud as well as on-premise for Sage Accounting, Business Management and payroll solutions, Sage Intelligence empowers you with immediate access to ready-to-use reports and dashboards that offer instant insights into the business without having to leave your Sage solution.

Save time Gain control Take action

View and analyse information quickly with a suite of powerful, pre-built reports and dashboards.​

Take control of your business data with financial reports that you’re able to tweak and edit to suit your needs.​

Get a bird’s eye view of your business with the added ability to easily drill-down into the details and get the insight you need to make better decisions.

Run Your Reports in 3 easy Steps

Open the Sage Intelligence report manager and select the report you would like to view
Run the report at the click of a button
Enter your report parameters such as the current fiscal year start date, the current period end date, the specific fiscal year, and budget code.

BI Tool Versions (Editions)

The Standard Edition empowers Sage Pastel users with the benefits of automated Excel reporting

Users can help themselves, with only Excel skills as a requirement. The module ships with a variety of useful management reports, including Monthly Management Pack (including income statement and balance sheet), Sales, Inventory, Purchasing, and other insightful reports. Creating your own reports in Excel has been made easy!

After your traditional export you usually spend time formatting the report, but there’s no easy way to save this format and link it to the export for future use. The result is that you find yourself formatting after each report. The Sage Intelligence Reporting saves these steps for you – so each time, you just run the report and it’s automatically updated with your latest data in the correct format.

The Advanced Edition is a powerful and flexible tool that allows you to create and deploy any reporting tasks, from any modern database, throughout an organisation

Skilled IT personnel will be required to deliver the potential that the Advanced version offers. Sage Intelligence Reporting Advanced Edition ships with an additional tool called the Administrator. This provides the user with the ability to report on any ODBC compliant database. With the Advanced Edition you can use additional functionality to achieve consolidations, batch reporting, scheduled reporting and much more.

If you have any questions or need help, we have a dedicated BI team that is highly experienced in developing custom reports and dashboards for all your BI requirements. give us a call today on +27 11 568 7795 / info@erpexperts.co.za or arrange for us to call you back.

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