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What is Sage 200 evolution

sage 200 evolution

Sage 200 is a modular Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution which manages many areas of your Business, from Financial and Commercial aspects, through to Customer Relations, Marketing, Manufacturing, and Project Management.
The Sage 200 Suite has been designed and developed for SA businesses, who require a management solution with fabulous reports that will control all critical business functions, and much more. All components of Sage are designed to work together across all departments within your organization, enabling you to run your business more efficiently, respond to customer requirements more rapidly, and ensure your business continues to grow at a manageable rate.

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Sage 200 Evolution gives you and integrated, accurate overview of your business. It manages all operational aspects of your business, enabling you to control your financials as well as relationships with your customers, suppliers, and employees. Developed within the Sage 200 Evolution Framework, all components and modules are fully integrated and they share a common interface, providing you with a consistent user experience. Data integrity is assured with Microsoft® SQL Server, and all your data is secured in a central database. As a core management system, Sage 200 Evolution is feature-rich, and its add-on modules make it a truly revolutionary Business Management Solution. Sage 200 Evolution Accounting and all modules within the Sage 200 Evolution range are subject to an annual subscription. The renewal is payable on the anniversary of registering the software. This business model provides you with a number of important benefits including: updates and upgrades, in-country first line business partner support and modern digital support options via Sage City.

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